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                • 美国国家公园之旅第1季

                • 状态:8集全
                • 类型:
                • 主演:盖斯·布洛克斯 吉尔·拜登
                • 年代:2022
                • 地区:美国

                简介:A celebration of the natural wonder and power of nature in our backyard. From iconic places to secret gems, this series will open the gateways for all to explore the breadth of the beauty and tranquility. The audience will experience North America’s natural wonders with its iconic wildlife as you have never seen them before. Strong storytelling let the audience discover the fascinating interactions in wild habitats they thought they were familiar with. The series is produced by Wildstar Films for National Geographic. Executive producing alongside Brooks are Anwar Mamon and Dan Rees for Wildstar, and Drew Jones for National Geographic. Myles Connolly and Ben Wallis serve as series producers. Episodes include… Grand Canyon Yosemite Big Bend Badlands Hawai'i Volcanoes


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